Friday, February 8, 2013

despite it all...

Despite all of my complaining we do have some good nights at my house and well, my kids are flipping adorable! I'm just saying...

First guarantee of a good night? Spaghetti night. While my husband does not share my obsession love for spaghetti, luckily i think it passed it on to the littles while they were in utero. THANK GOD something makes them happy... I mean how can carby comfort food NOT make you happy?

I love seeing a face covered in sauce with two cute little blue gray eyes sticking out!

Second way to guarantee .. allow littles to demolish kitchen... See this face below? This is the face of sneaky enjoyment. This is how he looks at me when he's about to do something that he shouldn't be doing. What is he about to do? Take out all of my bowls and bang them on the floor so that they can be covered in dog hair so when i need something I have to take the time to wash it before i can use it... Thanks little man... well played.

Third way to makes sure the kids are happy? Boxes. Yeah lets buy the kids some awesome expensive gift that causes you and the hubs to fight over the fact that you're trying to show your kids love with over priced plastic wear made in China! Or just order diapers from and let them get pulled around in the box it came in... either works fine... one will not hurt your marriage.

So while I do complain a lot, when i have the energy, i know exactly how to make my kids happy... and really, how can you not try when you see this little crazies looking at you?

OMG they are eating my soul!

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