Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh my dear f'ing children

I love them, i do! They are fun, silly, sweet little humans, but for real... GO THE F TO SLEEP

have you seen/heard this?
It's an amazing little ditty and SOOO true. My kids apparently LOVE seeing me in the middle of the night and i really just DON'T want to see them then.

I know with Parker it's my fault... kid still wakes up for a bottle in the middle of the night. We are just going to have let that shit go and let him cry until the cows DO NOT come home!

Kinsley she's entering the nightmare phase, yea~ Most of the time she sleeps fine... but sometimes she'll wake up and WILL NOT go back to sleep unless she's in my room... then I get to snuggle with a heater that smells like old pee thanks to her pull up and get a foot to the vagina whenever she rolls over. Awesome.

So really I just want to tell me kids to read the above book... for some reason though I doubt it would make a difference.

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