Friday, February 1, 2013

FINALLY a good night!

We finally had a night where i didn't want to dig my eyes out with a spoon! I almost felt like dancing or cleaning... but lets be real... I wasn't going to clean.

I picked the cuties up from school where they were both in good spirits. The Little's room didn't give him dinner yet so I was bracing myself for a long horrible night. (He gets fed dinner at school because if he waits to have it at home, but the time its ready, etc then he's screaming and spitting at me) We got home and spider monkey actually let me put him down and DO stuff! So I got him and his sister a nice healthy dinner of boxed mac and cheese made (generic of course!)! I also threw in a few green beans so that I felt like a rock star Mom.

The kid ate it and didn't spit on me so I kept rolling with this abnormally good mood of his! I worked on the main meal for Northern Cowboy and myself (pork loin that was actually flank steak so we had fajitas... long story, not interesting). Then I threw the kids in a box and it was a straight giggle fest! Boxes... who knew (oh yeah every parent in the universe).

Next I threw him in a bath and then we started his breathing treatment while big girl shit her pants... for the second time that day... what was happening I don't know but she would get a look of terror on her face run for the bathroom and I guess not make it and BAM turd in pants. She hasn't done that in months! oh well.. bath for too anyway

So now kids are clean, Parker is all meded up with his nebulizer and in walks the hubs. We put the son to bed and head downstairs with Sassy pants to watch some Care Bears. Then she goes to bed, WITHOUT A PROBLEM and I go downstairs to mark this day on the calender so that I'm reminded it happened!

I mean after the weeks we've been having, that shit blew my mind!

Then this morning at 5am Sassy Pants wakes up crying so i go into her room to see what Monster needs an ass whooping and she says through tears "I'm having a hard time, I want to lay in your bed"... OMG yes my sweet angel child come with Momma!

On the way to school we were having a random blizzard that dumped over an inch of snow on us in like 30mins and I asked her where all this snow came from "It's from Santa Momma! I think he thinks we miss it!"

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