Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm losing it...

First of all, I MIGHT have lost my ever loving mind... I signed up for a half marathon! Now, it's in October, so it's not like I've completely gone off the rocker, I've got time but still... LIKE WHOA!
This past weekend we celebrated my Mother-in-laws birthday and how awesome she is. At the restaurant Kinsley got this...
It's pretty awesome, she loves it and even wore it while helping  me cook grilled cheese last night~
Oh and she's a good sharer and let her brother play with it too!

Seriously, we were at this restaurant for 3 hours!!!! And my kids were good the whole time! I know, Holy Shit! God was smiling down on me... or he thought I deserved it since we've been dealing with this...

Yup little man is on twice a day breathing treatments and can have them more if we think he needs them. He's been rocking a fever off and on for over a month and throw in chest wheezing and an ear infection for good measure, it's been a very trying time...
BUT he's getting much better at taking naps!

Kinsley has been growing up way too fast. Despite her well put together sentences of defiance we've been having fun too! Here she is getting her hair cut at my salon... I mean is there anything cuter than a three year old getting a shampoo?

And this happened... in case you can't read through the blur of my stellar phone camera skills, she finally started full time in the 3 year old room at daycare. She's doing SO much better at school with her behavior now that she's being challenged again... but OMG she's two years away from Kindergarten!

So yea, life is happening here and we're moving right along. The hubs and I are looking at doing some work to the house... nothing exciting just a roof and windows, etc. Necessities. Lets just hope my life moves a long with me actually training for this half! It's the Baltimore 1/2 marathon in October if anyone wants to do it with me!!!

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  1. I so wish we lived closer so we could run together! Running is so much easier with a buddy! :)