Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OMG my kid turned 1!!!!!

Whelp it was an amazing party and Parker had a lot of fun! He had most of his little baby friends there and his family. We kept this party smaller than the rest and only invited Family and baby friends, rather that EVERYONE. I was sad not to have everyone there but I also got to spend more time focusing on him so that was nice~
Now brace yourselves for picture overload. I did a "Ranch" theme. I wanted it to be cowboys with animals and I think it turned out great!
Cupcakes courtesy of my Mom... the Cupcake animals and birthday sign you'll see later are from R & R Creations on Etsy. They did Kinsley's party too and I LOVE their work!
 Sweet Tea, duh~

I don't know if you can see but below are these smoore things... they are marshmellows dunked in milk chocolate and then rolled in graham cracker crumbs... OMG amazing!!!

I made this sign years ago for a friend's baby shower and I've used it, strangely, MANY times!

Kid's favors: Hat, Bandanna, sheriff star, mustaches, stickers, crayon rolls from Mrs. Crafty R Ving, and animal tattoos.

K's Photo wall was such a hit I had to do one for Parker... everyone signed it too!

One of Parker's friends Joey. He was such a cutie in his hat!

My Parents, always happy to get into the theme!

Kinsley LOVED the mustaches! lol

Parker's BFF Collin from next door.

The happy boy all dressed up~

Oh it's cake time! We weren't sure how it was going to go... but the boy did us proud.

it started off a little slow but he eventually got into it!

Shoveled it in!

And what would a party be without inappropriate drawings on the wall, especially when it's done by a 3 year old that has no idea what he drew... can you spot it?

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  1. I cannot believe our babies are 1 already! Insane!!!!!