Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Hansom Devil

I realize I've been a bit of a slack Momma when it comes to the updates of my kids and their developments, etc. I was SO on top of things with Kinsley doing a monthly photo shoot, but some time around Parker's 8 month birthday or so it all kind of went away... I lost motivation in a lot of my life. I lost myself I feel like. I am feeling the motivation and happiness returning slowly; not for any particular reason, maybe it just missed me and it's time. Maybe it's the winter blues and the few nice days we've had here and there are helping... I don't know but I'm going to try to roll with it!

My Parker is a year old! HOLY CRAP~! I don't know where the year went!?!? He is not walking, however, he has taken a few steps. He could walk if he wanted to but he prefers to craw since he's still Frankenstein walking and when you don't bend your knees walking is slow going... try it!

He says Dada and AhDa ALL.The.Time. Like seriously, at times i question if he really does have more of a vocabulary. He will say Mama and Ellwa (Stella) but not as often. He also knows the sign and will say All Done "Ah Duh". And making his southern Momma proud he will say "Byeee" with the best southern twang and drawl you've ever heard!

This Kid is TOUGH. He Loves to bang anything to make noise, even if it's his head on the wall. He loves it! Pain (most of the time) is humorous to him. He's also had more blackeyes then I care to admitt, luckily many have happened at daycare so they are recorded if CPS ever is concerned. He's just wild!

He still follows me around like a lost puppy, crying until I pick him up.

I still baby him and let him have a bottle in the middle of the night if he wakes up... his bottles though are only 2oz of breastmilk... we're now putting 3oz of Whole milk (soon to be replaced with Almond milk in hopes of avoiding tubes). He does eat EVERYTHING though. They talk about teenagers eating you out of house and home... I think my one year old will do this. We have to cut him off sometimes because he's eating an adult portion of food! But he's not a fat baby, on the contrary, he's in the lower percentile for his weight! His favorites though are pasta, especially Spaghetti or Mac and cheese! Also a new favorite? Blueberries!

He is still not a napper, often getting in two 30 min cat naps a day... but at times he will take a hour or more nap, though rarely at daycare.

He's a charmer and likes to flirt with the ladies and give me open mouth slobber kisses.

Parker still thinks his Sister hung the moon, unless she's trying to pick him up or sit on him... he HATES to be smothered.

His favorite toys are Balloons, balls to throw, cars, and anything that will make noise! Oh and ANYTHING that he can climb up and possibly fall from giving his mother a heart attack.

Bath times are a huge love for him but he HATES post bath and getting dressed. Getting dressed and having his diaper changed are still huge battles.

He enjoys hearing his own voice and if he's not having a full on babble conversation with you then he'll be screaming at the top of his lungs and laughing after each scream. Also raspberries and sticking his tongue out to make noise is another favorite.

I know there's about a 101 things I'm forgetting still but there you have it... He's all grown up and I'm missing my little baby!

All his stats are coming on March 4 when he goes in for his 1 year well visit.

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  1. I completely understand the second child slide... Same as you, the first is very well documented, it's the second one who is all of the sudden one year old, and who knows where the time went! You've got your hands full, so don't be too hard on yourself.