Thursday, July 16, 2009

Does anyone know Dotty??

So we had an interesting thing happen yesterday... a package was delivered... from our registry. SWEET! I LOVE gifts! Getting a package or personal letter in the mail is like GOLD to me... even when i was little i HAD to get the mail just in case there was something for me, which i knew there would be, unless it was my birthday, but whatever...

So i got a package! i open it and it's one of the nursing covers i registered for (you know the hooter hiders)... so i'm so excited to read the note to find out who doesn't want to see my new amazing rack and it's..... Dotty... hmmm who's Dotty? We'll apparently Dotty lives in Norfolk, Virginia. nice place okay... umm who is this person?

Did she pick the wrong registry?

No we're the ONLY Breedloves with a C or E first name.... hmmm

Neither set of parents know her...


So now i have to send a thank you to this random Dotty lady and thank her for helping me to hide my boobs.... riiight


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