Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hormone levels

Well they are still low... same as before... but everything else is perfect and growing the way it should.

It's my HCG hormone. I should be average (50%) but i'm 1%. Everyone i've spoken to says this is not a big deal. If it was lower baby would have a risk of one thing. If it was higher baby would have a risk of another thing... but where it is doesn't matter. According to websites, doctors, co-workers (I work at NIH with genetics doctors) etc they all say since everything else is fine (perfect actually) there's no red flags and i don't need to worry.

This is a relief but i still worry. Will always worry i think. So just pray that i can worry less, so i stress less and that baby will be fine and healthy!


On the upside Chris takes this as the reason i'm so mellow during this pregnancy... low hormones=happy husband! lol

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