Monday, July 13, 2009

He Really is Crazy!

So it went down like this... We were supposed to go to Hershey Park this weekend for Chris's work's Family Day. They would pay for our tickets, a big lunch and parking (plus give us money towards a hotel if we wanted it, but we opted out). Well for some reason Chris just REALLY did NOT want to go to this... i mean we would only have to see his work people at lunch time so...

... so jokingly i told him we didn't have to go if he would buy me a new car this weekend. And then i sent him a link to a really great used Honda Pilot option... Yeah i know what you're thinking... he's just going to roll his eyes at his crazy wife and explain we'll get the car in September like planned and try to wiggle his way out of Hershey Park another way... NO!

He instead got on the Internet when i was taking a nap on Friday and found an even BETTER 08 Honda Pilot and asked if i wanted to go and see it... UMM YEAH! We went, we loved, so then we had to talk... was he serious, was he pulling me leg, i mean we DID go and see the car which is a big step in the right direction. So we're thinking and talking and...

.... we went the next day and bought it! Now we had to wrangle those dealers like any good cow poke would do, i mean they offered me $1000 LESS for my car then the blue book said it was worth! HELLO! SOOO once we got them in line with what we wanted everything worked out just fine!

Now i don't have my own pictures yet but here's my NEW (to me) Mommy mobile!

Notice the spoiler on the back, that's b/c i'm fly!

This is my seat, I will occasionally allow Chris to sit here, if he behaves...

Do you see what i see? Yes 3 rows of seats! And look up and you'll see where my DVD player is!

Now let me tell you a little something about Lucy (i'm testing out new names)... she, as you can see above, has 3 rows of seats! for our growing family... we figure Stella can sit by the baby and Sadie can have the whole back bench... it has a SUNROOF! and a DVD PLAYER! to entertain the dogs and i on long car trips while chris and driving and babylove is sleeping. It's 4-wheel drive for the wonderful Maryland winters. It has cloth seats, which is awesome since my Dogs have penetrating nails, AND a 6 disk CD changer (i'm going to have to update my CD collection)! Plus LOADS more! I'm soooo excited about it! Oh and it has better gas mileage then my old car! SWEET!

So there's one more thing checked off the baby checklist! There's a BIG Check to a rocking hot Mommy mobile!

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