Thursday, July 2, 2009

I have the BEST best friend~

So my best friend Christina couldn't help herself and just HAD to get our MAYBE girl a little gift (don't worry she sent a gift receipt) and i was tickled, well pink! (hahaha, i know!). It was such a nice surprise and almost brought me to tears i was so touched! She got baby a three pack of onies (see below)... Baby said she likes the cherry one the most! And a three pack of bibs, each one says a different thing and the last one says "Gorgeous (just like my mom)".... that made me smile! I might have a little girl that looks like me (well hopefully better but...)! It was soo sweet! Oh and baby got a teether! One of those really good gel ring ones that goes in the fridge to get cold! SUPER! I have to say that was so special! Having our friends behind us, supporting us, and excited for us just makes this journey so much better!

Speaking of that, my lab is SUPER excited b/c now that baby is showing everyone wants to touch my belly and i couldn't be happier!

Just look at that cute pinkness! AWWW!

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