Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Resort action...

So while we were staying in Barbados my parents booked us all at a 5 Star hotel called The Crane. Go to their website, it's amazing... here's some of the photos they have...

yeah that's some of the pools, they really do look that awesome, and more...

Yep that's their cliffs, really that breath taking...

oh yeah, and their own private pink (i swear when you see it, it IS pink) sand beach... private even though there are no private beach in Barbados, there is here...

So you see this place is AMAZING! Not to even mention the rooms (i'm getting there)...

So we show up to check in... UH so much for open air Caribbean... they have open air check in but i think they forgot the air, NO breezes in there! That's cool, they were VERY nice and gave each of us our own rum cake as a welcome... oh and Chris got a free rum punch (mine wasn't free b/c i wanted a virgin drink). GREAT! So off to our two bedroom suite! Breathtaking to say the least! Lets just turn that A/C and we'll be all set! move in, unpack, etc etc etc... wait, we DID turn on the A/C right? The doors are closed right? hmmm

So after spending two nights in a practical sauna (pregnancy+no A/C DO NOT= happy lady... not to mention the fact my parents were born in the arctic and my wheel chair bound grandmother spends A LOT of time in the room... so we complain and they move us... to where???


(these are MY personal photos)

that's the master (my) bedroom! Notice the ceilings!

 Dream closet! I mean it's like a mini cribs show!

I mean you see the bathtub right? HUGE! JETTED! Off to the left is the shower, with 5 count them 5 water heads!

That's my living space, since my room is sooo small... it has a flat screen.

 This is where i made my PB&J's. Yes that's basically the size of MY HOUSE!

 Oh did you want a view... okay, SINCE you asked!

 Oh and a private plunge pool too??? well okay.

 Yeah i always wanted a nice lounging space, thanks!

Oh and here's the BEST part that i forgot to take a picture of... we have a sun deck... ON THE ROOF! Yeah it has a jetted tub and BBQ up there too... AMAZING!

So as i'm singing myself to sleep to the tune of Glamorous by Fergi... i realize something... we still have no A/C... sort of... we have it... just every other day. One day we're at 80-90 in there and the next we're at a sweet 73... go figure... living large isn't ALWAYS better.

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