Monday, July 27, 2009

Food while traveling...

Well it's like this... when you're pregnant you NEED to eat, i mean ya have to eat even if you aren't pregnant, but when you are it's like a alien is going to come out of your abdomen and beat people over the head until they feed you... this happened to me... sort of... i may have been the ACTUAL alien but who's keeping track.

We get up at 340ish to go to the airport. I eat a PB&J around 415. Then i have a coffee (decaf!) and juice at about 6ish... then i have Burger King cinnamon sticks with my family at about 830ish....

OH SIDE NOTE: Family knows it's a GIRL! I did a little strip tease with my hoody which reviled a pink shirt underneath for them... yeah they TOTALLY thought it was a boy b/c i told them that Chris was happy with the results... hahaha

okay, back to aliens... so we're on the plane heading to Barbados and US Air thinks they are SOOO clever by not offering meals but rather offering to let you buy an over priced sandwich that most likely taste like cardboard and have a sprinkle of chips next to it... well I wasn't going to let them pull ME is (i can't tell the future folks) so i munched on a bag of Cheetos... ummm

So we get there, we're hot and ready to check into the hotel... we FINALLY do and it's hot and i'm tired and so i sleep... yeah right... sleep, with my family, when i keep getting woken up b/c random things... whatever! So then we decide we should go to dinner...

Dad decides we're going to go to some cafe place the hotel recommended... except it's AT LEAST 20 mins away and we're not completely sure WHERE it is... but guess what, despite the fact that my mother and i threaten to eat him first he ignores our pleas for just KFC and insist on finding el' cafe. Thanks... so we drive and drive... let me tell you, Barbados is not really UP TO DATE on 99% of their roads, they look like a quilt and feel like an amusement ride gone VERY wrong, NOT.FUN.

So now it's like an hour or so into our dinner journey and i'm becoming hysterical... seriously, i'm getting mean... the hungry pregnant chick is about to come for blood... so at one point my dad says something to me where i just break down in tears trying to form the words "hungry, food" etc... it was more like "i'm juuusssttt soooooooh hungr waaaah". So he jumps out of the car and saves me with a chicken leg, fries, and a biscuit. The alien has been sedated.

Oh but the journey isn't done, no one else hasn't eaten and we're still hot on the heels of el' cafe whatever. We KNOW we're hot on it's heels b/c that's what EVERY local has told us... except we didn't find out until later that if locals don't know the answer, they just make up one (little Sh!T heads, sorry it's true, they messed with a hungry pregnant woman, they're lucky i haven't said worse).

FINALLY my father decides to give up and we pull into what looks like a local pizza kind of place. We all order various things from fish, to BBQ grilled chicken (even thought they said it was fried) to pizza and salad. I ordered a Pizza and salad, not wanting to test the local food at this point but just go into a happy food coma... but no, the food gods were not smiling on my very round and angry belly... I start to eat the salad when my mom stops me b/c SINCE we're at your local foreign hole in the wall she's not so sure they are up to code with health regulations and washing the salad or hands etc after say raw meat has been around... so scratch the salad i'll eat pizza. Pepperoni pizza, easy right? please

I don't GET my pizza until EVERYONE else has gotten their meal (play to be fare my brother was waiting on one too but WHATEVER HE'S not pregnant so)... i get it and it's too hot to eat, so i'm tired and say get in the car, and i'll eat it when it cools... yeah, except i forgot about the amusement ride we were going to have to take on the way back. So 30 mins later YES i can eat... except Barbados pizza is NOT, i repeat, is NOT ANYTHING like our pizza. They use weird cheese that leaves a strange taste in your mouth and the crust is SWEET, yeah it's like a dessert pizza with goat cheese and pepperoni and marinara sauce. It's interesting to say the least... so i force one piece down and tell Kinsley to be happy she got something and go promptly to bed.

All the food wasn't bad or scary...

... but more on THAT later.

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