Friday, July 17, 2009

She's going to have a ROOM!

Yes it's true and i couldn't be happier! Chris's parents called last night and said they were ordering the Crib and Dresser

We're getting the crib (i know DUH) and the dresser on the right so we can have it as a changing table too! YEA!!!

And i ordered our bumper and crib skirt today so that we can use it for color matching

AND we're going to paint the walls that green and then i'm going to put up a monogram that looks similar to this

except reversed where it's white and the letter is pink! plus i'm dreaming up more pink accents and the curtains will be white and i'm thinking i love these

I just love how girly they are!!!

so what do ya'll think?

i can't wait for Kinsley to see it all!

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