Friday, February 11, 2011

Burnt out....

Of this week that is. I'm actually feeling very productive for this coming weekend. I just want it to BE the weekend already, since i have so many AWESOME plans!

Plan one: Do the taxes tonight, along with a nice glass of red wine, a yummy pizza, and quality time with the hubs (you know since Kinsley will be in bed by 630, since yesterday she took a FOUR HOUR NAP and still slept through the night... molars are a bitch).

Plan two: Make over a room of my house rather then get over priced roses for Valentine's Day. I have the hubs three options (since i'm so thoughtful like that)

Option One: Kitchen
1.    Paint Yellow
2.    Put up wainscoting as back splash
3.    Distress cabinets
Option two: Dining Room
1.    Put up wainscoting and chair rail
2.    Paint top half with sandstone, paint dowels on railing white.
Option Three: Bedroom
1.    Paint the tan color
2.    Paint doors and trim white
3.    Buy/hang curtains

See?? So thoughtful... AND you know which one he's seriously considering for reals? The dining room! I know RIGHT?!?!? TOTALLY didn't see that one coming! SQUEEE! I'll keep you posted, with full pictures!

We are also going to have dinner with friends and I'll get to spend some quality time with a good friend while my baby plays with her baby. Throw in a little church, little gym, and an oil change and i think it sounds like a pretty good weekend! No?

So Won't this day END ALREADY!

PS my baby toddler is so beyond freaking cute i can't bear another second away from her, oh she makes my uterus hurt... here's some vintage for you...

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