Tuesday, February 15, 2011

interesting co-worker

So i have this interesting co-worker that we like to call Frog Feet. He earned this name when he came to our department softball game wearing the below shoes.
I don't know where you're from but where I'm from, those are just, well, weird. I mean yes we MIGHT have been from a scene out of Mean Girls but seriously? To a softball game that no one cares about, some people were even wearing jeans!

So he wears these shoes with this "I'm so cool" attitude, i think that's what gets us more... the attitude. I mean if he were a fun goofy guy it would fit. But no, HE walks around like he thinks he's a stud... he's not.

So now we are the Mean Girls because it has become the fun of the office to poke fun at this guy every chance we get... behind his back. Come now, before you hate me, he has a picture of HIMSELF on his door!

He wears much too dressy for this office clothes, EVERY.DAY., even casual Fridays. BUT the blazers he wears are WAY too big for him and have 80s size shoulder pads.

He always talks about Cali, etc BUT, He's from HERE! East Coast HERE... oh this poor soul.

Oh and the icing, he has mounted his computer onto the wall so he stands all day. Not for any medical reason, or because he needs to get into shape, etc... because he's weird. THERE, I SAID IT!

So do you have any "frog feet" in your office?

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