Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skinny Bitch

Yeah i bought the book Skinny Bitch; thought this would be a GREAT, tell me like it is book to get me back in shape and eating better. Um no. It's a great book for someone who is a vegan to spout off at the mouth about how we're not supposed to be carnivores because we don't chase down our "kill" and tear them to shreds with our bare hands like lions. Hmmmm, does anyone see a problem with that?

Now, I get organic, I would like to have more in our lives be organic. I like the idea of free range chickens, and purely grass fed cows. I like the idea of pesticide free veggies and hormone free milk. But stay away from cheese because it's not "natural" to eat what other animals produce (yes i know we make the cheese, but we use animals byproducts to do it, point is...)? hmmm, I just couldn't groove with that train of thought.

I mean, HELLO, y'all were all around for THE pregnancy. THE meat killing, i probably would have ran down a cow and killed it with my bear hands teen wolf style if i wouldn't have been able to stop at my local store and get a decent burger, pregnancy. I really want to be more in control of what goes into my family's mouths, but no meat or animal byproducts? no. quite simply, no.

So I'm returning the book, because i strongly believe that if I don't read the whole thing because it's not helpful to me and it doesn't look read then I should be allowed to return it. So I will... also because my Northern Cowboy wanted to know where I got the money to buy the book since my $20 was already spent this week... hmm good point, eh no biggy, i didn't like the book anyway.

My co-worker (after hearing my meat loving woes) has allowed me to borrow the book The Skinny: How to fit into your little black dress forever. I'll let you know how this one goes... as long as it leaves my delicious Bambi's momma alone (meaning, alone for me to eat, wha ha ha!) then i think we'll be okay.

I'm going to go and gnaw on some jerky now... kidding, it's 9am, i'm going to eat oatmeal... jerky is OBVIOUSLY lunch stuff!

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