Friday, February 4, 2011

Life pause

Do you ever want to take a break from life?

Do you know how men have this "fantasies"? Well i have them too... it involves me, wine, a hotel room, a spa, some movies, room service, and NO.ONE.ELSE! ahhhh

I have naughty little dreams where I take off on a Friday, check in to a luxurious hotel/spa. I put on a BIG puffy robe, order some room service and watch awesome girly movies until i fall asleep. Then I wake up, go to the spa ALL.DAY.LONG. After my multitude of relaxing treatments I get my hair and make-up done, meet my besties for dinner and drinks, laugh, tell stories, THEN fall into an enormous soft fluffy hotel bed, alone, and sleep until I wake up, at which point i would love to be cuddled by my husband and daughter and order French Toast for breakfast. That is my naughty dream. I mean what that's only going to set the hubs back a grand?

BUT the sheer bliss and state of awesomeness I'll be in afterwards? Priceless

Do you have a similar naughty dream?