Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll admitt it, I'm addicted...

To hand smocking, embroidery, southern style. I mean why shouldn't i be? I DID grow up in the south, but oh these southern beauties are just too precious to pass up! I MIGHT have gone a little crazy on Ebay and my girlfriend's closet for Kinsley this summer...

Here's Kinsley's Egg picking outfit (oh i hope it'll be warm this year)
 THIS is going to be her Easter Sunday dress! Oh i just died!
 I don't know what this will be but i just thought it was so much fun! It's a cute silly dress for her this summer!

This is just the perfect summer dress!
 My girlfriend removed all but the "B" from this little romper and Kinsley will look TOO cute running around the beach in this one!
 Watermelon anyone?
How about we celebrate the 4th of July!
There's more, but i can't show you or you'll really think I've lost it... and i just MIGHT be asking our favorite bow designer, Princess Couture Designs, to be designing bows for one or all of these beauties! HEE HEE! Oh I'm sooooooo ready for spring!

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