Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What did you do?

Valentine's day was very low key at my house. Kinsley was tired, Daddy got home late, the dogs were being, well dogs. So it wasn't all hearts, bows and rainbows. BUT it was nice. Kinsley and I got home (this wasn't her Valentine's day outfit, she was making cupcakes at school and got THAT outfit dirty) and she ate her chocolate valentine sucker from her neighbor friend while I took out what i needed to make dinner (before you call child services, my kitchen is SMALL, i scoot Kinsley around on the counter so she's closest to be but if she's got something in her mouth she's happy just where she is, plus she's away from the dogs chompers, it's win win).
 Then she helped me take the puppy's out to potty. I cooked dinner while she tried to lean on me but since i kept moving she kept falling so the toddler meltdown was about to ensue. LUCKILY i was pretty much done. Threw Chris and My dinner in the oven (since i knew she wouldn't be awake long enough to eat it once it was done), heated up her meal and fed her. Let her play with my pens so that I would have some scribbles to put on her Valentine's to her grandparents and then when i wouldn't let her eat the pen, toddler meltdown again.

So off to bed. We sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider a million times while changing to keep the third meltdown at bay, it worked. In goes the plug and off to dreamland goes my little Valentine.

Hubs got home, we had dinner, watched some Bachelor (I got to pick! Yea me!), and went to bed.

Low key, yet awesome. Oh and the hubs brought Kinsley AND i flowers and the dogs special bones! He's a Keeper!

This morning was starting to melt down fast, until i let Kinsley have some cheese.... boy she loves her cheese!

Hope y'all had a nice Valentines!

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