Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh talk dirty to me Minivan!

You see that? THAT is a 2011 Honda Odyssey. THAT is something that I am CONSTANTLY drooling over. I know what you're thinking "But Erin, you haven't even had your Pilot for TWO years, how can you possibly want another car?!?!". Three words, Dog, Big Dog, Baby... okay so that's 4 words, i was going to go with dog, dog but thought that mentioning that the second dog is big was important, she's a lab, whose almost five, who thinks she's a puppy that is lap size, yea... that's like two kids right?

So add to the dogs and child all of the STUFF. I always have a stroller, travel highchair, and grocery bags in my car. I have a CD case full of kids movies. I have a center console full of toddler cereal bars and mini juice boxes. AND i have the sanity saving toys such as her wubanub, babydoll, blanket for naps, and misc other items that often come in helpful. Yeah, my car is often full. I have a third row of seats that rarely gets used because i need it for storage, but i often NEED that third row AND can you imagine when we add a second carseat, a double stroller, and baby stuff to the mix??? I mean we got our Pilot to be the family car. We got it because we didn't want to pay 40k for a Tahoe and didn't want to go the minivan route, because we were still young and what does this post mean (besides the fact that we're no longer cool)?

NOTHING, just a way for me to complain so that Northern Cowboy doesn't lose his lid thinking that i want a new car or really lose it when he finds out i want a minivan. OOOH Whoa is me.

But you know it's a lot easier to get the baby into the car when your hands are full of carseats and wine when you can just push a button. KIDDING people, i would NEVER drink and drive, now drink and ride? We're going to have to take into account what kind of day I'm having.

is it friday yet?

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