Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm really here!

Promise, it's just been a bit crazy since I had training at work, then lots of Thirty-One things at home so no time to blog at lunch or in the evening... not to mention i was IN bed by 730pm on Monday night because I was so tired from Super Bowl Sunday! WOW. We also had a very busy weekend. Saturday we went to Little Gym, then straight to Baltimore to do Port Discovery Children's Museum with our neighbors.

After the museum we went to Hard Rock for lunch, some how kept the kids awake for the ride home and then took a nap while Kinsley napped. Woke up, picked up some, then just relaxed.

Sunday i woke up and made many batches of pizza dough before i finally figured out what i was doing wrong. We cleaned, grocery shopped, etc. Then went to our friend's house for the big game.

It was such a fun weekend!

But you know what fun equals in my book.... FAT. uh, that's a whole other blog post... coming soon!

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