Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When did my baby become a toddler?

I mean you see it too right!?!?!

Wow, she's just taking my heart. I'm so proud of my little bit but i miss my baby. It's nice though that she's happy with Daddy now, until she sees me! WHA HA HA! She still makes the death dive out of Chris's arms to get into my arms! I need to find a new hobby because OH how i want another baby!

I've been doing REALLY good this week with my eating, so proud of myself. I didn't work out yesterday and today is starting to look like it might be the same... terrible i know. Maybe i can sneak out early, grab Kinsley and then we can go for a jog together.

Oh and PS, have I mentioned the new Thirty-One catalog is out??? Because it is... and it's AWESOME!

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