Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm just not sure I'm any good at this...

whole Mom thing. I love my kids I do, but I tell you what, three year olds will BREAK YOU!

Three is two with a purpose and that purpose is evil. It is tantrum throwing, opinion yelling, bipolar mood swinging evil. It makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and beg for mercy.

My daughter has very strong opinions about what she wears each day... fine, pick our you're own clothes, I don't care. Until she picks the out and STILL throws a fit every morning because she doesn't like what she picked out... OMG

I tell my daughter that after Mickey it's time to go to bed. I give her warnings like every 5 minutes... Mickey's over, time to go to bed. Enter epic meltdown that involves screaming for every family member she can think of...

I make an amazing dinner with all of her favorite foods and she informs me she doesn't like any of it, so then my Mother-in-law gives her dinner on another night of food that i wouldn't be able to force feed her and she happily eats every bite... OMG

I finally get demon spawn into bed after giving up on her crawling into bed and just throwing her into it and for the next hour she is screaming my name and on the few times I do respond she says things like "I want water" "I need you to spray for Monsters" "I just love this face" "I miss you Momma"... OMG

I come up with a great activity for painting (that she loves) but then have to end it because she wants to paint my table so we have a royal screaming melt down... OMG

Her 1 year old little brother touched her toy... OMG

I feel like I've tried most things and all I do is yell. Not to mention that my one year old follows me around like a little puppy crying until I pick him up ALL THE TIME! I've never been able to just walk around my house and do things without my one year losing his shit every time I make a move to get out of the chair. I am strapped to one place unless I want all children in my life to lose their shit... but now I'm losing my shit. WTH!

I want to be a good Mom. I want to be an organized Mom. I want to be a fit, healthy, and skinny Mom... BUT WHEN CAN I DO ALL OF THIS?!?!?

Here's my daily schedule.

515 Wake up, get ready, get the kids ready blah blah blah
630 Leave the house get the kids to daycare and commute to work
730-400 work
500 Pick up kids from daycare
530 and on into the evening Get home, feed the dogs, take them out, get dinner going, give baths, give Parker a breathing treatment, have Parker in bed by 630, have Kinsley in bed by 730.

SO around 730-8 I'm finally free, but there is always a kitchen to clean, laundry to switch, or lets be honest... DVR to catch up on...

I have to pick the kids up by 600pm from daycare... I hate to leave them there that long... I already have daycare feed Parker dinner because by the time i get him and get him home, etc... he won't eat, he just wants a bottle and bed.

So when is my ME time? at 8pm? Who wants to get their sweat on at 8pm? Not to mention I would have to do a video or something equally retarded. And that would mean cutting in on the hubs TV time then too...

SO I need to workout on my lunch hour... which doesn't always (or lately ever) happen.

I'm so tired of three. I'm so tired of a son that has to be ON MY HIP at ALL TIMES.

I'm just freaking tired.

But at least I've lost 2lbs!
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  1. This is a hard one, you are so busy. Working out on your lunch break is hard. I wish there was a magical answer. I feel the same way sometimes. So far 3 has been the hardest age, in my oppinion. Today I gave my 3 year old the option of going to McDonalds to play on the playground for an hour or going to Nana's house, we needed to kill time before picking up the big kids from school. She chose McDonalds then screamed all the way home because she wanted to go to Nana's house. Maybe you could do your lunch break 2 times a week, when does your husband get home? Could he pick up kids twice a week so you could work out then meet him at home for dinner? I don't know, just a thought. Hope you feel better.

  2. Have you thought about trying an ergo or other comfortable carrier for Parker? You can wear on your back & get things accomplished with both hands & get a more balanced "work out" wearing him?

  3. I think we could be best friends. We have the same schedule and same wild kids Bless your heart. I fall into bed at 9:00 after just about the same schedule as you. I feel bad that I whined to hubby for months about needing a treadmill at home as my only way to work out because I've used that bad boy about 5 times since he bought it....too tired to drag my butt down to the basement. And yes, do let Parker cry it out. He isnt hungry, just conditioned. If you want info on how we did a modified cry it out with my 13 month old (when he was 10 months) I can email it to you.