Monday, January 7, 2013

Why yes we DID celebrate Christmas!

As y'all know K is NOT a fan of the big jolly man but we did what any good parents would do, we took her to see him again AND bribed her with the carousel! It went well... too bad Parker couldn't be bribed!

K enjoying time with Sasha!

The Bribe
Was a win!

My cheeser making a gingerbread house with Sasha, and eating ONLY the grapes from her fruit salad...

OMG i think my uterus just jumped! He's so cute! Parker, My Dad is well Pop pop, old. HA


So K made a snow worm, we tried for an angel but she didn't get that concept.

Somebody LOVES Spaghetti! I love watching him eat all the different foods! And BOY can he eat!

Next up CHRISTMAS! K got a bike and babydoll from Santa, she was so excited because that's exactly what she asked for!

Minnie Mouse Dog Boutique! 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, K is the fairest of them all!

My brother got Parker a Cars ride on and the kid is IN LOVE with it, such a boy!

We ended our Christmas with an amazing dinner and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out candles! It was so special to see Christmas connecting in the eyes of Kinsley and to see Parker enjoying all of the paper! HA!

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  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! Looking at your pictures of K playing out in the snow made me realize how much we take the snow for granted. I don't think Ella has ever made a snow angel.