Thursday, January 3, 2013

the journey continues but with some fun!

Before we get to all of my bitching and woe is me part of this post lets do something fun! I saw this on Where we can Live like Jack and Sally and since Holly is wicked cool and since I love to steal other peoples good ideas, I'm going to do it too!
A. Age: 30

B. Bed size: King! It's a must, especially since the hubs insist on our 70lb lab to be in our bed... this past weekend we stayed at a hotel and got stuck in a room with two double beds, yea we tried to share one... I NEED MY SPACE... but if i'm not going to have space i would rather not have it with the hubs then my dog!

C. Chore you hate: All chores. I hate to clean. One I hate the most? bathrooms... takes FOREVER!

D. Dogs: we have two. the amazing queen of the house Stella and then there's Sadie. the devil lab that is the bane of my existence... but still gives a really good innocent face.

E. Essential start to your day: coffee... I must change this though because that don't help... ideas?

F. Favorite color: Pink, because as my daughter would say "it's my color"

G. Gold or Silver:typically silver but i'm loving some gold lately... gold used to be very 1980s mom fashion (much like Mom jeans) but now it's all retro hip and i'm loving it!

H. Height: 5'6... in high school they called me the Jolly Green Giant because I was the tallest girl on the cheerleading squad and we wore green... yea

I. Instruments you play: nada I sing. In elementary school when you get assigned an instrument to play I was assigned the violin, well my dad thought the orcastra teacher was bat shit crazy and wouldn't let me in her class so i got stuck in chorus and there I was ever since.

J. Job Title: Contract Specialist... i sound so professional yo!

K. Kids: Two. And DONE! Even though the hubs mentioned this past weekend that we could have more since ours were so ridiculously awesome... but then that night Parker was up from 230 until 5am and the hubs reversed that decision! Good, because Momma wants to get her boobs done since they are WAY too friendly with her knees!

L. Live: I have no idea what you want from me here...

M. Married: To Chris/topher/hubs/Northern Cowboy

N. Nicknames: Woman, E, Sweetcakes, Mom

O. Overnight hospital stays: when i popped two kids (at different times!) out of my body... well one kind of slid out on his own but whateve.

P. Pet peeve: when we aren't friends (like good friends, if you have to ask we aren't) and you try to talk to me in the bathroom... that is my private time, BACK OFF. Also being late. It's one thing if there's not a start time or we say Between this and that time. But if you tell me you're going to be somewhere at 10am and I go through all the trouble of getting my kids and myself ready and I vacuum then you BETTER BE THERE!

Q. Quote: "Some people we just born with glitter in their veins" -no idea
"If you see someone without a smile, give them yours" -Dolly Parton

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: yea i have two. I have my older brother who is nothing like me yet we are exactly the same... i swear it makes sense if you know us! And he's a lawyer and single ladies!
And then there's my half sister. That's a post of another day... since she doesn't want to be in my brother and my lives.

T. Time you wake up: Well i NEED to get up at 445... sometimes i do... lately i've been getting up at 545 and being all OMG we're so late and so i wear my hair wet and take my kids to school in their PJs and ask the teachers to put their clothes on... MOM OF THE YEAR

U. University attended: North Carolina State University! GO PACK!

V. Vegetables you dislike: Lima Beans! UH!

W. What makes you run late: lack of sleep, two kids, Chris, getting myself AND my kids ready

X. X-rays you've had: teeth, foot (broke it at a wedding but I caught the bouquet!)

Y. Yummy food: Spaghetti, taco salad, french fries, wine, cupcakes

Z. Zoo animal favorite: giraffe. Think about how much they weigh, but they are so damn tall they wear it so well!
Alright, on to the meat of the post now that you know more about nothing you wanted to know about me!
Yesterday I had an amazing out reach from friends (real, old, and internet alike) offering support. One though (holla A) really stuck out. She said what I needed to hear "Just DO IT ALREADY" and that's it. I don't need to hear "Oh you look great"  because I don't... I don't need to hear "You have two kids" because I KNOW, that's one excuse i use often. A lot of people have my excuses to look fat and be lazy but they don't look like I do and more importantly they don't feel like I do! That's the bottom line, I don't like FEELING this way!
So after reading her actually refreshing kick in the butt email I decided she's right. I CAN DO  IT and I WILL do it. It will involve making a lot of decisions i'm not comfortable with: walking away from a cupcake, putting down the credit card, saying no to the whole bottle of wine, but the only person standing in my way is me. No one else is choosing it for me, they might be pressuring me but they aren't opening my mouth and shoving it down my throat.
So i'm going to use the line that we all say "I'm starting on Monday!". I mean I'm going to start making good decisions now (no Fuddruckers for lunch) but I do better with a plan so the REAL shit show will start on Monday, when I'm prepared. Today I will drink more water and eat smaller meals that aren't swimming with carbs, but Monday it will be a new me and a new blog. I want to show people they can do it since many of y'all have shown me that you can and did do it! You've inspired me so I will inspire others.
But this doesn't mean to let up on me! Call my ass out!


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  1. So glad I'm not the only one who has taken their kid to daycare in pjs!!!

  2. To a relocated southerner, hello from a yankee living down south... who was also the tallest girl all through high school (6'3" though, jolly green supergiant maybe) and also has two kids. Good luck with your resolutions!