Thursday, January 17, 2013

resolutions? what the hell

I mean Why not do it right? It's FUN to look back and see what a failure you've been! So Let jump on the bandwagon shall we?

1. Find a church... since we haven't been trying maybe i should say start trying to find a church but hell heck, it's a whole year let find THE ONE!

2. Go on a spending diet. The hubs has been telling me for a while that if we did allowances that I wouldn't even get that because I've got to stop spending but I didn't get it until now. We aren't in debt, we just aren't saving, because of me... so enter the year of no frivolous spending!

3. Lose 40lbs. Yup that's a big number but hell heck, we're accomplishing a lot of big this year!

4. Have my family eat more clean and less processed. because that's easy and takes no extra time right?

5. Decorate my house creatively... since we're going to do #2 it's going to have to be REALLY creative! hmmmm

And I'm going to stop now while I'm still behind. Are you committing to anything? Want to help me accomplish mine?

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1 comment:

  1. I refused to make actual "resolutions" this year. But, I did make some goals for myself on my blog.