Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There's a small light at the end of the tunnel

You may have heard me brag a time or two about the awesomeness of my mother-in-law but let me do it again!

So it's no secret that i've been losing my ever loving mind lately... well right on cue the hubs has a business/pleasure trip to go duck hunting. Awesome... two nights with no hubs AT ALL. I was scared. But you know what? My Mother-in-law ROCKS!

Saturday she called us up and asked if K could spend the night (HELL YEA SHE CAN)... then she called back and said Parker could stay too if K was okay with it. She was so we practically threw the kids out of the car at Grandma before she could change her mind (kidding!).

So we slept in until like 11 the next day (amazingballs) and then Chris started getting all his stuff together for the trip. He left and I still had no kids! HOLLA FOR A DOLLAR! So get this people, I went to the grocery store ALONE!!! OMG! It was amazing! Then when I got home Grandma called and said that K wanted to stay another night, was that okay? Um is everything better wrapped in bacon? HELL YES!

So I had wine with friends while I watched football, then went to bed and woke up right before I needed to start teleworking! Amazing!

I'm truely blessed to have such a rocking Mother-in-law... best part (besides getting to suggle my kids last night)? When K asked if she could go to Grandma's house again and then come back and see me later!! Yes child you may go again, and again, and again! We are both better people after some Grandma love!

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  1. Lucky! i dump Madison off AT LEAST once a week if not more :)