Friday, January 18, 2013

My friend has mad skill!

So I had one of my friends come over to take some pictures of us for K's 3 years, Parker's 1 year, and well just family shots in general. She's starting to play with photography and would like to start a business/ make some money on the side and well I LOVE the pics she took... one that I love the most I messed up and can't fix it so i've asked her to re-mail it to me and then I'll post it... but until then check out these beauties!

My little cheeser!

We did some outside pics but it was really foggy and drizzling, but I think that added a really cool element to the pics!

Our family boot pic... to be taken yearly~

Love this shot of Parks eating his cake...

Not sure how the first birthday is going to go though...

At least we know clean up will be a breeze!

Yes Parker, I have put your cute little old man butt on the internet for all the world to see! LOVE!

Like I said, she loves her brother, agressivly so...

This might be an out-take to some but well... this is us really... me holding Parker while trying to get Kinsley to cooperate... do you see her face?

And the hubs keeps asking me if i want more kids? Our hands are full... think i'm done!

Think she doesn't have him wrapped up?

Not bad! I think Jackie is our new photographer!

So if you live in the area and want an up and coming photographer shoot me an email and i'll pass along her info to you! 

***update, here is my favorite!***
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  1. Those are all too cute, she did a great job. You have a beautiful family.

  2. the ones where your hands are full and you and Chris are kissing...LOVE! that's my fav! :)