Friday, January 4, 2013

When the going gets tough

Yesterday SUCKED. I can't even put it into words to properly describe it.

My little mini-me has taken to acting out at school. I'm not a parent that lets her get away with it, she knows this. She knows she has to have a good day (or mostly good) at school to watch Mickey at home and to get a bag of fruit snacks. These are her rewards and decompress time.

Wednesday the teacher informed me that Kinsley tried to hit one of the other teachers, TWICE! OK, got it, no Mickey or fruit snacks. I tried to talk to her about why she did this, what she was feeling, etc. All I got was "I don't want to talk about this right now mom"... then "She not being nice, she said No".

Thursday I picked her up holding my breath. She ran up to me with her friends, while her friends tattled right away "Kinsley doesn't get fruit snacks!" Uh oh. And that's when the teacher informs me that she yelled at the same teacher she tried to hit the other day, she hit her friends and she would throw and kick toys. Awesome. Obviously goes without saying, no TV and no fruit snacks.

This, as you might have guessed, invokes HUGE melt downs. I also informed little diva that she would go to her room when we got home until I could get Parker asleep.

From the time we got home until the time hubs got home (2 hours) one or both kids were crying.

Kinsley would cry at the injustice of the world, Parker because he was tired/hungry/wanted to be held CONSTANTLY. We had a 8min break during bath time... but that was short lived.

Bubba hasn't been good at going to bed lately and he's been even worse at staying sleep... we are crying it out a lot but that's not working, neither is rocking him, neither is well ANYTHING that doesn't involve letting him do whatever he wants no matter the time of night. It's awesome.

During this 2 hour shit show I also needed to get dinner on the table (K still didn't eat until 645ish, except for the super healthy snack of cheese balls). I needed to care of the dogs. I needed to pee, which i didn't get to do until 730 (despite really needing to go from about 430).

I was so overwhelmingly DONE by the time Kinsley FINALLY went to sleep that I was too stunned to even cry the huge tears I wanted to let flow. Instead i sat down on the couch, turned on the TV and expressed milk from my throbbing boobs that i'm trying to stop from making milk.

Just another in Paradise.

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  1. I hate those days, they suck butt. I hope the little one decides he likes sleeping again soon for your sake. Does your feisty one always have trouble with that same teacher, maybe they just but heads.

    I'll be praying this evening goes better.

  2. Oh honey! Man, I was sweating bullets just reading about that craziness! I wish I could tell you something to help, but these ages are hard. I myself can't handle the meltdowns, I hate the constant crying and whining, 'shut up' is what I'm screaming in my head!

  3. Oh my love, I am sorry. Sometimes they get the best of you. But at least you havea sense of humor {and you got to pee at 7:30pm- ha!}

    Cheers to a better week!