Monday, December 14, 2009

Birth Story

WEll it sort of started on Wednesday. I was having contractions and went to the doctor after work. They were 8 mins apart and i was 3cm dilated and fully effaced... but that didn't matter because the contractions weren't close enough. So the next day i went to work and started walking with my friend Tina in hopes of starting them again and getting them closer... but the problem was they weren't coming back. I was so bummed. I really thought i had a chance.... So at the end of the day i stood up to get ready to go home and then trickle trickle trickle.... hmm i thought to myself i know i didn't pee myself because, well, i've done THAT before. So i went to the restroom to check things out and i was wet, so i drained my bladder and got my stuff and started to leave. Then *trickle trickle trickle*... so i called Chris and told him i thought my water was breaking... he suggested a call to the doctor. I thought this sounded smart, by the time i got to my car and got a nurse on the phone i was getting little gushes. They told me to go to the hospital so i went on my way. So i drove myself there and Chris left work to meet me. 

I got to labor and delivery and my entire pants from crotch to foot were wet... so what did they make me do??? Stand there for 20mins. Oh wait! i'm sorry they did offer to let me SIT in my own fluid... SO NICE! FINALLY they took me back and let me get changed and into bed... where i kept leaking but what can you do about that. Chris got there shortly after that and the wait was on.

A while later around 5cm or so i opted for a shot in my butt to help with the contractions... walking and other techniques were not making me feel better. Well the butt shot didn't help a TON... a little yes but not a ton... so about 30mins to an hour later i opted for the good stuff... bring on the epidural! OH YEA!

Getting the epi was worth it but not easy. Trying to bend over a huge belly that has not allowed you to bend in 2 months while it's sending shooting pain through your body and being told to not move while you get stuck with needles... yeah not easy. Once it was in... SO worth it! Well, until it started to wear off... yeah i had it start to wear off in 2 places... front right and back right of my body... and it was PAINFUL! But, i had to wait for the anastiologist to come out of the OR for more drugs... one hour of waiting... this is hard when you're 7cm dilated and the contractions are coming every 2 mins... not fun... but when he did get there... FUN!

So lets skip ahead to the nurse FINALLY telling me that i'm 9 1/2 cm but have a "lip" to get out of the way... so she's going to put me on my side for 20 mins then the other side for 20 mins and that should do it... yeah but after being on one side for 10 mins i wanted to push! Chris was trying to tell me to wait that the nurse would be back in 10 mins but i kept telling (okay yelling) him to go and get her. It felt like i needed to take the biggest poop in my life and was told... "hold it for a few hours". YEAH RIGHT! So in comes the nurse, up go my legs and on to the pushing!

For those who don't know they do pushing in rounds with your contractions. You'll push 3-4 times in each round while the nurse counts to 10. And let me tell you that count to 10 gets longer and longer each time! The first two rounds were good b/c i needed to push so badly... the rest were "special". i was getting pretty tired... it gets hard to breath too and you start to feel like you can't keep going. Chris and the nurse kept saying stuff like "I see her hair" "I see this much of her head" ... so i responded with "THAT'S NOT ENOUGH HEAD!" "THERE'S STILL MORE TO COME!" "JUST PULL HER OUT!". They told me they couldn't "pull her out" just like that... so then they started holding my legs up all the time rather than letting them down between rounds... this did NOT make me happy. I kept telling them to put my legs down and they said if they did then she would be sucked back up in the birth canal. GREAT!

Well after 45 mins of pushing she came out with a big gush of fluid. As the doctor was turning her to get her shoulders out she noticed that the cord was around her neck so she started pulling as i was pushing. Kinsley came out at 3:31am... the doctor unwrapped her, let Chris cut the cord, laid her on my chest and they started to clean her. She wasn't crying so they took her to the warmer and gave her oxygen and had a neo-natal nurse look at her. She was doing fine, just didn't want to cry... they had to tube her stomach too since some of the oxygen went into it and bloated it.

After what seemed like forever, but was only maybe 15 mins, they gave her to Chris while the doctor finished with me. I had a smaller than a one degree tear but my placenta did not want to come out... BUT finally after lots of tugging and massaging (which by the way is painful) it released itself.

SO now my baby girl and i could be reunited, where she latched onto my boob immediately! lol.

Kinsley Grace was 8lbs and 21 inches long. Her head was 13inches around and perfect in every way!

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