Monday, December 7, 2009

More pics

Baby is going to wake soon so no birth story yet... but here's some more of our angel... PS anyone know how to get her to sleep AT NIGHT and in HER bassinet and not ON me???

A little hug for Sasha, Papa Mutt, and Uncle Seph! "come see me soon"

New Family!

She loves her daddy!


  1. Congratulations, Erin and Chris!! May God bless your new family.

    Try swaddling really tightly. Didn't work for Lilly but did for Ally.

  2. My niece is adorable!!!

  3. Yes she is! Keep the pics coming!

  4. She's beautiful Erin. I think she looks like you! I can't believe that full head of hair... she's got more than Emma does -- and she's 6 mos old! tehehe

    I agree with Lyndsey... swaddling is like a little miracle gift from God. Good luck, sleeping & pooping (for both you & baby!) are going to rule your life for a while! Thinking & praying for Mama & baby...take care!