Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas K!

Kinsley had a great Christmas... full of family and gifts! Here's a few photos to see how her day went.

She started her Christmas Eve with her first bottle. She loved it and had no problem going back to the boob.... lately it seems the only time she isn't fussy is when she's on the boob... yet she falls asleep on it (no matter how hard i try to keep her awake) and then wakes up when i try to do something and is fussy... but i can't feed her again for 2 hours from when she started feeding the first time so it's a count down until she's not fussy again... we think she's gassy, so we use gas drops... she's still fussy though... oh well... on to the photos.

Here's a few of her funny faces in her Christmas PJ's.

She loves the playmat that Santa brought her!

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