Monday, December 28, 2009

The power of the backwards C

The power of the backwards C is the key to helping your baby poop/fart. One day Chris and i were watching a show called Doctors and they came on with a great tip. If your baby seems gassy and can't seem to make things move along rub their stomach in a backwards C. This is the way the intestines flow and you'll help them flow.

So since my child is VERY gassy and it keeps her from taking any decent naps during the day i try the power of the C.... sadly this doesn't help her to nap longer but man the stuff it helps her push out!

Kinsley also enjoys the power of the C... it often calms her since it help rids her of her projectile poop!

So if your baby seems to be gassy and fussy... try the power of the C, it may not help her to take a better/longer nap... BUT it will help her pitiful little tummy.

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