Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well yesterday i noticed some contractions and was wondering what the deal was so my nurse told me to come in and get monitored and checked out. I go in and i'm being monitored for like 2 hours (yeah i think they forgot about me) and i was having contractions 8 mins apart... same as Monday except i REALLY felt these.

So then Dr. Doom comes in, and you know what? He has lost the name Dr. Doom... i like him now! I'm a full 3cm and fully effaced! He was like "you CAN go to the hospital but i might wait until the contractions are more like 5-6 mins apart." So home i went.

They kept up until i went to sleep and then faded off. When i would get up to pee i would feel one and that was about it. Then i woke up at 2/2:30 and couldn't sleep so i went down stairs to read my book and that was it.

Today i will walk again in hopes of getting them going strong again and hopefully be rewarded with a trip to the hospital!

We'll see!

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