Thursday, December 17, 2009

i'll update more

tomorrow... lol... i'm just tired today... but i'll put in pictures! Tomorrow is K's 2 week appointment! Can you believe it?!?! i can't! i know that we're going to get yelled at though b/c K still isn't sleeping in her bassinet... she will for like 30mins and then she wants to be with us... i can't get her to be happy unless she's on me! Even during the day i put her in her swing, boucer, etc and she's happy until she wakes up! UH! Oh and forget swaddling... she's not down with that! And the pediatrician that we're going to see tomorrow is the queen of swaddling so i know she's going to yell at me... uh i just don't know what to do... it's let her sleep on  me or no one gets any

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  1. The only other thing that helped my girls sleep longer is to have on a little bigger diaper. Weird I know, bit it helped both sleep through the night early (Ally since 7 wks).

    We had the pack n play set up in our room for Lilly to sleep in when she was born and she absolutely would not. I tried everything and finally as a last resort, put her in her crib in her room. That's what she wanted. She has slept good ever since.

    Good luck!! I hope you figure it out