Saturday, December 19, 2009


First i want to thank everyone for the comments and tips! It's VERY much appreciated! We actually, randomly, had some success last night... she slept in her bassinet from 9ish until 12ish, woke up and ate, then slept in it again from then until 3ish... thene woke up and ate... and then she was done sleeping in it... but that was like 6 hours of sleeping on her own!!! WOW!!!! I was pretty excited!

Well it seems that my little bit is a snow baby! It snowed the day after she was born and it is coming down again... we have over a foot of snow right now and it's going to keep coming all day! So i think K brought the snow in with her! We are even predicted to get more later in the week so we'll have a white Christmas! YEA! But don't worry... i wouldn't tell you all about this without showing you some pictures of my snow bunny!

Oh and don't worry, we're not bad parents, she was out there for 1 minute tops... snap and photo and back into grandma's warm arms inside!

I know you're LOVING the camo pants i had to borrow fromm Chris, i don't have any snow pants... oh well.

So here's an update on K's two week appointment. She now weights 8lbs and 7oz! What a cute little chunker! And she's 21 and a quarter inches now! She sure is growing!

Here she is throwing some gang signs!

Here's a few of the sleeping angel

I am doing well too.. i'm pretty much healed and getting around just fine... the boobs on the other hand are still a work in progress but you can't win the all and i'm still sticking it out since Kinsley is growing so well! I've also lost 25lbs, only 10 left to get to my starting weight. I've joined weight watchers online to help with that (haven't officially started it yet but i plan on it very soon!) and my brother gave us a Wii for Christmas so i'm going to get the Wii Fit to help with toning, etc once i can workout again!

Well hope all of ya'll are doing well, i'm going to get back to my kissy face baby... here's one of her funny kissy faces she makes.... the lighting isn't great but you can still make out her lips!


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