Thursday, December 24, 2009

She's a true Diva!

So i always joked that Kinsley was a Diva when she was inside me... well i don't think that's changed. She's been a bit fussy lately (normally that only happens at night) and so today when she was fussy i took her upstairs. I changed her clothes and then fed her. Well after i fed her she started pooping... i was VERY excited about this (yes you will get very excited about poop when you become a parent! you will pray for poop and celebrate poop).... so when she started pooping and kept going i was cheering her on (thinking this would help her feel better)... well it did... it felt good to her all the way up her back. Yep that's right, our frist blow out... i mean it practically went up to her neck! And right after i put new clothes on her! lol... oh well... so we threw her in the tub, washed her down, put another set of clothes on her and then i fed her AGAIN to calm and sooth her... then my little Diva was content... or at least i think so... see for yourself.

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