Monday, December 28, 2009

You're not a parent until poop is involved...

Well you all know how Kinsley likes to try to surprise us with her pee... well she's figured it out with her poop hole too...

Breastfed poop is very liquidy... not sure about formula but man with this boob fed child when she poops you know because you hear it for miles! Tonight we thought she might have blown her butt cheeks apart it was so powerful... it's projectile poop that gets caught by the all mighty pampers!

Well when you think she's done and you wait and wait and wait... well Kinsley is waiting too... waiting to take aim. The other morning i was changing her diaper in bed when she started pooping again and i caught it before it made a big mess... i had to get ANOTHER diaper but that's cool... so i arm myself with her now second new diaper and right as i'm pulling and switching WAM! she projectile poops ALL OVER my abdomen. I mean I think i saw her try to lift her butt to try to aim higher! So here i am covered in poop while my dear darlin husband is snoring soundly next to me... until i woke him with my shocked screams!

So now i'm officially a parent... christened by the poop!

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