Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey y'all

I'm so sorry, there's so much going on in our lives right now and honestly, i don't have the energy to update you, but i will! promise! Just give me time.
Here's two adorable (in my very proud Mommy opinion) videos of Kinsley

Yeah she loves Elmo and I don't know how this started! I mean I figured Sesame Street was bound to be a love since i shove it down her throat every morning when she wakes up too early, but JUST Elmo? She DEMANDS ELMO. We get in the car and she wants Elmo, we wake up, ELMO, we're going to bed, ELMO. You get it. I've tried to throw on other shows just to test the waters but the kid wants ELMO. What kind of magical hold does this furry red puppet have on children? AND, HOW does he obtain it because seriously, if i could calm a screaming child with just the mere mention of my name, i would bottle that stuff and sell it for A LOT more then Sesame Street is charging (i hope they don't get any ideas!).

Our little furry friend isn't that bad though. He encourages movement, exploration, and learning... that's better then encouraging the kids to just sit there like a bump on the log. So he'll stay... if for no other reason than I'm scared Kinsley will kill me in my sleep once she's in a toddler bed.

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