Monday, June 20, 2011

What is this world coming to??

Have you read the article about the woman who got charged with a Felony for spanking her child?

Seriously?!?!? There was no belt involved and no bruises made!

I understand that everyone is not on the spanking bandwagon, but honestly it's a personal choice! Just like to breastfeed or not to breastfeed. No choice is acceptable or possible for every family. Some children need that pop to remind them of what is wrong. I remember when my parents spanked me... OH did I NOT want to misbehave. Granted, I WANTED a spanking over being grounded but while it sure didn't feel good, it was over with, being ground felt like it would NEVER end.

Society wonders what's going on with our kids today... Why are they so disrespectful? Why won't they listen? Why don't parents have any control? Because the state is slowly taking away any control parents DO have. Next it'll be e felony to take away their TV or x-box.

There was an episode of Southland that the hubs and I watched
This kid called the police about his Mom spanking him. The cop asked if he had a bruise. Did she hit his face. Did he bleed. Once the kid said No to everything he asked why the Mom did it, the kid said he did something he wasn't supposed to do... at this point the cop had it... he then "explained" to the kid how lucky he was to have a Mom that cared enough TO discipline him and that if he called again he would arrest his Mom, take her away and send him to a foster home where he would never see his family again... The kid preferred a spanking.

I wonder how we're supposed to be parent when we're always worried that child services is going to come and take our children away. In my house growing up, if you didn't eat what Mom made for dinner then you didn't eat... think that's a felony too? And people wonder why kids are brats today.

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