Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pee Pee in the Potty! AGAIN!

This is Kinsley's potty chair. She LOVES it! Sits on it before she gets into the bath every night. Normally doesn't do anything but LOVES sitting on it. Well one night something DID happen! And when it happened the chair makes music! It's all VERY exciting! I start dancing around clapping and singing Kinsley's praises, Northern Cowboy comes in and is singing her praises, so then Kinsley starts clapping for herself saying YEA!!!!
This morning Kinsley woke up with a DRY diaper. I had already decided we were going to start being more routine with the potty so i took her in there right away and you know what? Music again! YEA!!!!! It was a very exciting morning for us!

Other big news? This thing:
ONLY for Nite nite now. No more around the house or in the car (unless we are going on a 10 hour journey to Charleston, like we are this weekend). Kinsley wasn't so happy about it at first telling me "NOOOOO" and signing it at the same time (you know in case i couldn't hear her yelling it). But luckily it was quickly forgotten between Potty YEA's!!!! and grapes! Cross your fingers for us!

And finally, Kinsley had her 18month appointment yesterday.
Height: 34" that's the 97 percentile
Weight: 23lbs that's the 25-50 percentile

She's a string bean! And very tasty!

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