Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day weekend, the good stuff

So i already told you part of what we were doing on Memorial Day weekend, but we ALSO got some good time in with the family! And my daughter was not short on her surprises and sass!

So our first evening there we went to the Park after visiting my "Uncle" (I'm going to call Eddie my Uncle because unless you know us and our relationship it's just easier) to help Kinsley get some of her sillies out after being in a car all day.

We started with the slide, it got mixed reviews.
Then I went to the swing. I wasn't very hopeful since i already knew she wasn't in lurve with other swings. Basically it looked like we were torturing her... so out she came and RAN over to the big kid swings.

So "like a good mother" i sat her on my lap and gave it a try... yeah that went well~
So my much wiser older brother decided to sit the little turd on the swing and let her fall off make her own decision about it.

See this look? I had to include it. That's her "I'm so much smarter than you and I'm going to get my way and DO IT MYSELF" look...

And she mostly did... turd

And she LOVED it!

I would like you to not the determined look and the placement of her feet. Yes it was my child's sole purpose in life at this moment to kick her Uncle in the face on every up swing... bless her little heart, i didn't even have to teach her that! She already knew what to do! Future playgrounds, beware!

As we've already established, my kid has hang time

This was a tall slide, I was actually a little worried sending her down it. There was a big bump in the middle... I just knew she would catch air and bang her head and forget I'm the Momma and walk slightly to her left for the rest of her life if i let her go down alone!

I got over it though, and she loved it!

I stayed at the top and brother was at the bottom. She would go down, run around, he would lift her up and i would throw slide her down again... and again.... and again...

The next day Kinsley found some Steller shoes to dress up in... God this child has a door to my heart! PINK HEELS!

All that walking builds up an appetite, enter baking with Sasha!

On Monday night she developed a fever, threw up in the middle of the night, and still had a fever the next morning. So this is us at Urgent Care. They really weren't completely sure what was going on... ears were a little red, blah blah. We got drugs and went home.

This is where my photos end. Funeral = no pictures. I mean Kinsley still had TONS of fun and looked as cute as ever, even with 103 degree temp... but really who is going to take pictures saying "Look how cute my kid looked in her funeral dress". Okay you're right, I would, but i forgot and well that's that.

Kinsley, despite being my willful daughter was a blessing on a very hard weekend. Hope y'all thanked a service member this weekend!

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