Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remember when....

I told you FOREVER ago that I was going to start working on fixing up my house and you were all like YEA we LOVE makeovers. And then you were like, WTF Erin, Great job at NOT following through AGAIN, because you never got an update?!?!

Well it wasn't because I wasn't making over things, NO it was because I was terrible at getting photo proof of it!

So here I would like to show you, the dinning room!
I have to find my before pictures BUT here's the after! The before was a blank white box with a crappy cheap chandelier.
I know, i should have dressed it up with some place settings... but honestly i was happy that it was just clean for y'all! I'll do fancier later~

Now here is one project, that I haven't decided if I'm done with it yet. I recovered the UBBER Ugly lampshades with burlap! These Lampshades are larger then normal chandelier shades so we were having a REALLY hard time replacing them... so I recovered them! I love the look with the wrought iron (that needs dusting, YIKES!). The reason they might be unfinished is i think i want to add a ruffle of burlap at the bottom... we'll see!
I really feel like they go well with the relaxed feel of my dinning room! No? (ignore the patch on the ceiling we need to paint!. Now if we had some crown molding it would be PERFECT!

Have you noticed that WONDERFUL Wayne's coating along the bottom? Oh yeah! THAT was my Valentines gift from the hubs! Sang right to my fixer upper heart! He installed that with the chair rail and I SOOO love it and love him for doing it! TOTALLY makes the room!
We also continued through with the Sandstone color we started in the Den. The Wall y'all aren't seeing is behind me and is chocolate brown!

We received a hand-me-down dinning room set from my parents. It was great except for creaky chairs that were covered in black leather fabric... YUCK! So I glued some (need to glue more!) and recovered them in this!
My heart gets all happy when I see this fabric! So pretty and calming!

Well that's what we've been up to! What's up next? Painting Railings white, repainting the kitchen, and distressing our cabinets! FUN!!!

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