Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes this is what Kinsley likes to yell while we are shopping. In between the squeals for DADDY or MAMA or Hellos to the Mannequins she likes to announce to the store and anyone else that she either has or needs to Poo Poo. It's not like when she says this we can take her to the potty where she'll poo poo, even though we had success one day for pee pee on the potty, she just likes to talk about it. Except for the fact that she becomes VERY distressed. I'll ask her "did you poo poo in your diaper Kinsley?" and she'll start whining/crying POO POO like it's really upsetting her, so I'll check, and NO it's not there. I'll tell her there's no Poo poo and she'll go on with her day like nothing happened.

Also dramatic about Boo boos. She has a boo boo on her knee. It's been there A WHILE. It's scabbed, healed, re hurt and scabbed up again. But EVERY.TIME. she sees it she points to it and starts CRYING that she has a boo boo! Drama Queen much?

Oh this stage is to say the least entertaining... and i LOVE IT!

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