Thursday, June 2, 2011

See you Soon

Well I've been MIA because I went to NC to see my family for Memorial Day and I stayed longer then originally planned because the Friday before we left I found out that a very special person died.

Mrs. Terri Mobley. She was a best friend to my Mom and like an Aunt or second mother to me. I didn't grow up with extended family around me so friends WERE family. We vacationed with the Mobley's, we had holidays with them. We went to church with them and then out to eat just about every Sunday I can remember. I was there when her son was born, DYING to hold him but not old enough to. They were there at my wedding up here in Maryland. She was the sweetest woman I've ever known. I don't know anyone that could even think a bad thought about her. We were all better people for having known her. I wish I would have taken the time to express that before it was too late.

It's now starting to hit me that we won't have anymore days with Ms. Terri. We won't get to kid her or eat her yummy yeast rolls. But luckily we DO have many many dear memories with her. She is now an angel making heaven shine brighter. She is now looking down on us, having taught us all that she knew. Now it's up to us to live our lives to make her proud. She was a beautiful woman and I hope to be half of the woman she was...
RIP Ms. Mobley. I love you.

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