Saturday, June 18, 2011

She a blessing, a very sassy blessing

Kinsley is a wonder, always has been and always will be. She will forever be my first born and the first grand child on BOTH sides of the family. She brings joy to everyone she's around (except that toddler who's passy she kept stealing... whatever).
She's 18 months old. I haven't done an official 18m post because her appointment has been delayed until the 22nd so i don't have stats. But I'll give you what I do know!

Momma                                      Mouth
Dada                                           teeth
Mommy                                       movie
Baby                                           cheese
Milk                                             banana
Juice                                            grape
biscuit                                          bath
peas                                             peepee
please                                          poopoo
thank you                                     booboo
no                                                potty
oh no                                           bow
uh oh                                           all done
yes                                              shoes
eat                                               socks
snack                                           cow
dog                                              sheep
cat                                                fish
lion                                               Jackson
Elmo                                             Annie
Grandma                                       AJ
Papa                                             Yaya (her friend Olivia)
Sasha                                            Kiki (her friend Olivia calls her that so now she calls herself that)
Sadie                                            Mine
Stella                                            Hat
walk                                             Bubble
sit                                                 Yuck
water                                            Hot
slide                                              Help
nite nite                                         AMEN
eyes                                              up
nose                                              outside
book                                             rock
that                                                phone
hello                                              bye bye

I know there's about a million other ones too but those are the ones we hear the most. I won't dull your brain, or mine by trying to write each one out the way it sounds when she says it... lets just say some of those words you might not know that's what she's saying. Like Stella, she calls Soosha... yeah i don't get it either.

Kinsley can go up and down stairs alone, in fact the baby gates are GONE! She always goes down on her tummy.
She likes to sit on her potty before going into the bathtub. She doesn't do anything, except fill it with unused toilet paper, but she enjoys acting like she does. She will also watch you potty and then announce to everyone that you're "All Done".
Kinsley insist on going "OUTSIDE" every evening when we get home. Some days i just want to be done and inside but we go outside so as not to encourage a TV habit that I know is coming anyway.

She will still eat pretty much anything. Love?
Hot dogs                                        Mac and cheese
Peas                                              Cheese burger
French Fries                                  Banana
ANY pasta                                    steak
corn                                               Potatoes
broccoli                                          cheese
yogurt                                            cookies

But really she eats whatever we do. Fish, green beans, whatever.

Kinsley can run, walk, do forward rolls, climb up rock walls, basically she's ALWAYS on the move. And She's awesome. She dances and sings and ALWAYS takes care of her Baby (BAAbe) dolls. She still has a passy... she calls it "That" (I thank my neighbor for that one). She stopped bottles long ago and happily drinks milk from sippy cups. She eats extremely well with a fork or spoon and will try to clean up after she's done.
She knows how to use a phone and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she's dialing actual people. Papa is her favorite phone buddy.
She loves to give hugs still and run away from you naked.
But her biggest love in life? SHOES! The girl gets down right GIDDY at new shoes! LOVES trying them on and walking around in them. It's pretty awesome! Chris is in trouble!

That's K in a nutshell. She's awesome. Never fights me to go to bed.... just sometimes to stay in bed... lol. She's loving and Sassy and sneaky and cute.

You can't have her but I'll loan her out if you need a KK fix!

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