Friday, June 3, 2011

I told you about the Zoo Right?

Okay I mentioned going.... Here's where I'll tell you about it.

As soon as we walked in Kinsley was greeted by an AH AH AH, or to those who are not up to their animal sounds, that is a Monkey. Well it's an Orangutan, but we're working with a 17 month old here people!
She was VERY excited by this... I was too, how else was I going to convince her that walking around in the blazing heat with rude people in questionable clothing was fun? She doesn't know how to make fun of people yet so animal entertainment was a must!

The pigs (and NO i don't mean the two having a wrestling match in that woman's too tight pants... the REAL ones) were a big hit!

Or maybe they were Picanys, or something that i have no clue but looked like a pig to me!

And to K.

After we drug her away from the OAH OAH (you will find ALL animals sound alike, only SLIGHTLY different) we got to see some very entertain prairie dog type things.

After seeing the ..... and the .... (we don't have sounds down for elephants and frankly she REALLY wasn't that iimpressed... I mean SHE could lift up her foot for MONTHS now! and the Panda, while fun to point at, just sat there eating in front of us without offering a taste to a very hungry girl, so we moved on)

We got a pretty darn cute pic of the the three of us! (notice the stellar cropping, removing the gut belly!)

We saw the IONS (Lions) which i didn't even know she knew what there were but she was Roaring like she was doing a mating call so apparently she has learned something at school!

And we also visited the farm, to touch a cow and then decide she REALLY didn't want to touch one... I understand, i would rather eat them too! I mean i practically ate an entire herd while pregnant with her, they probably smelled it on me!

And then it was homeward bound. We saw lot of animals, many of which aren't worth mentioning. We bought her a stuffed Orangutan that she promptly threw on the ground. And we sweated large patties of meat bullets. All in all a perfect day with a very happy toddler! No 2 minutes after we strapped her into her car seat she was asleep. And the rest is History!

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