Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dog for Free! Dog for FREE!

Honestly i don't know how much more i can take. I know i know, with all of these GLOWING reviews of my lab it's a wonder people aren't lining up on my side walk to take her home... oh but wait! I have ANOTHER great story!

Remember the awesome poo story of 09? Well i can't locate the post to remind you but it involved Sadie's ass exploding all over my upstairs and me and my pregnant nose having to clean it up.

Fast forward to 11'. Sadie decided to floss her insides with hair from one of Kinsley's dolls. BUT her insides were just fine as they were and so she's been vomiting every since. Not.Kidding.

OKay, started THAT post on 10/25... today is 10/27... here's the what happened.

Later that night Chris and i went to get into bed and Sadie, who hadn't eaten all day, jumped up and started throwing up water and bile into our bed... again. So we looked at each other and decided to take her to the emergency vet.

We dropped off K's monitor with our neighbors and headed out with a very docile (which is not like her) and sick 5 year old puppy. We arrived and they started with x-rays, didn't see much more then gray area they were concerned about and LOTS of backed up poop. They went in with a scope and didn't see anything perforated. Stuck in an enema and gave her an IV and we left her for the night around midnight.

The next day we got a call that she was still throwing up. Not good. They had a radiologist do a scan and saw stringy material going from her stomach to her intestines and they couldn't tell if it was a blockage or irritation that was causing her intestines to contract. So they recommended surgery.

She went into surgery and i got a call around 630pm saying they pulled out a lot of hair and other material from her stomach and intestines. That her intestines were in really bad twisted state but they were looking healthy again by the end of surgery. Also, that her pancreas was swollen and irritated but that would be treated with antibiotics, which she'll be on anyway to prevent infection after surgery.

She'll spend another night there at least to make sure there aren't complications from surgery and then she might be able to come home on Friday. and $6000 later we are looking into pet insurance.

Combine that with the drama of the rest of my family and I'm ready for this week to be over. Oye!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    That is insane! We have been so lucky that our dogs haven't put us through anything like that, I cannot even imagine the stress that comes along with a vet bill that size! Praying for you that your dog grows out of this puppy stage QUICKLY!