Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love Fall!

We went to the pumpkin patch!!! I love going and doing Holiday related activities with Kinsley, no matter the season, but there's something about fall! My little bean was VERY excited about going but once there I think she got a little overwhelmed. She had this shy smirk on her face a good chuck of the time, but over all she was running everywhere and VERY excited to see "PUMPKINS!"
Last Fall with a family of three!

Look it's "Uh Dan" as Kinsley refers to Uncle Dan! "Essie" (Aunt Jessie was there too, she was just one of the paparazzi)

Kinsley would kick and cry before going on these slides, even though she said she wanted to go on them. But, as she was coming down she remembered how awesome they are!

I was thirsty so i bought a HUGE lemonade, Kinsley stole it...

I told Kinsley she can only have a pumpkin if she can pick it up...

... those big brown eyes work on Daddy every time! lol

Happy Fall and Halloween!

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