Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I keep forgetting to put this in writing!

So i want to track my weight this pregnancy and really try to stay healthy (despite the urges to pull over at every McDonald's/Taco Bell I pass). So this week I started a new eating plan from Baby Fit which is a site linked with Spark People. It's all free and awesome. BUT i has having issues trying to figure out my starting weight... FINALLY I have it!

Started at 172 (I know it wasn't pretty to begin with, get over it)
At now? 180!!! I've only gained 8lbs and I'm half way!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?

Yeah I'm pretty stoked. Especially since i look like this:
Do you SEE THAT BELLY! WHOA! That kid is riding HIGH. And good lord when did my belly get so big?!?!? My neighbor is 8 weeks FARTHER along than me but i look the same size as her! MAN.

So I've been feeling a lot of kicks in the bladder area, this was confirmed by the fact that he's tends to be a head up feet and butt down baby. He also enjoys break dancing and playing with his penis in his spare time (true story).

I still have MANY food aversions, Chicken most of the time, seafood most of the time (i can handle shrimp sometimes), or anything else depending on how the wind is blowing. Something that sounds good one moment may make me gag another.

Still can always count on Mac and Cheese, Cereal, burgers, and tacos!

I had EVERY intention of working out this week to help with the multiple dimples on my thighs but alas I am sick and using it as an excuse to curl up in a little ball in my office come lunch time! But I do have a z-pak now so hopefully that will get my nose and cough in line.

Kinsley is very fond of her baby brother already. She even gives him hugs! And there have been times where she'll randomly ask about Parker (like she's met him)! lol. Love it!

So here we are, 2 days shy of 20 weeks and looking and feel good (well at least in the eye of this beholder).


  1. Wait until the first time Kinsley feels him kick! The look of amazement on Ella's face the first time she actually felt Aubrey kick and knew what it was, precious!

  2. I don't look nearly as pregnant as you and I'm a little jealous! Your weight gain is fantastic!